Kim Janssen

The videoclip of januari 2013 is supported by Kim Janssen with the song The lonely Mountains.


From the EP 'The Lonely Mountains', released February 28 on Snowstar Records (order at


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In the past three years Kim Janssen traveled around the world. Solo, with his 25-headed Major Cities orchestra or with his other band The Black Atlantic he traveled across Europe, North of America, Great Britain and also Asia for more than 400 shows. In all these years and at all these places he worked on his new album. This second album, named ‘Ancient Crime’, will be released March 9th. It is a album inspired by his years on boarding school in Asia. ‘Ancient Crime’ is a concept album that takes place in an old idyllic school, in a remote village in north-west England during the winter. A mixture of history, myth, memories, old and new verses and arrangements.


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