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Somewhere near the end of 2002 Mischa's electronic music career really began to take off as the majority of his demo tracks where quickly snapped up by various labels. Next to Scientific Records, Mischa has released music for labels such as Covert Operations (uk), Fokuz (nl), Fokuz LTD (nl), Citrus (nl), Offshore Recordings (usa), Camino Blue Recordings (de), Kos.mos (ru), Warm Communications (usa), Red Mist (uk), Make-Shift (usa) and NOtv.

Next to producing and releasing electronic music by the artist name "Mav", Mischa has founded his own company Scientific Audio to enable him to create custom-made music, sound design, audio post-production and remixes for various media such as tv and radio commercials, leaders, bumpers, games, events, film, websites, etc on a freelance basis.

Mischa is also a seasoned veteran on the turntables, which he regularly displays in both clubs and festivals worldwide, usually supported visually by E202 Musicvisualisers, one of the pioneers in the Dutch VJ-scene. Since 2009 Mav also runs a monthly online drum&bass show called Scientific Radio on the well known Bassdrive radio station (, the biggest online drum&bass radio station in the world with an average of 1500 listeners per show (every 1st monday of the month, 23:00-01:00 CET).

Mav’s tracks have received worldwide DJ support from established names in the drum&bass scene such as Pendulum, Noisia, LTJ Bukem, Chris.Su, ASC, Electrosoul System, Bop, Future Engineers and many more.


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