Minus the Tiger

De videoclip van de maand april 2012 is ondersteund door de band Minus the Tiger met hun song Rooftop, Hilltop.


Naming the band after your dead cat, recruiting band members amongst your family, working on a ‘sound’ for ages, add rehearsals restricted to Sundays only to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. Rock ‘n roll ain’t no Hollywood movie darn it! But before you label Minus The Tiger as possible successors to the likes of the dreaded Kelly Family, please take note: although Minus The Tiger may excel at art of bright ‘n shiny family values, the melancholic, moody atmospheric songs sure aren’t aiming for the soundtrack of the next Kathrine Heigl flick. MTT is rather a reflection on the passage of time. Or a longing. For more. But also for stillness.


MTT is, first and foremost, Anne Broekman, voice and songwriter of the band. During the endless Sunday morning pajama sessions she and her husband, Maarten Besseling - known for his In A Cabin With project - found a new sound for the songs she has been performing solo on her acoustic guitar. The resulting DIY sound fabricated in holy matrimony is layered, hot, sounds international and at times ethereal. Finding itself somewhere between The Knife and TV On The Radio, Lykke Li and Kate Bush. With the addition of Jesse Broekman (Anne’s sibling), Arthur Adam and Jos Terlingen, MTT makes for a tantalizing live performance. A sound both carefree and melancholic that seduces to dance


Check hun website www.minusthetiger.com

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