De videoclip van de winter 2012 is ondersteund door de band Ponoka met hun song Ctrl Alt Delete.


Ponoka is an indie rock band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Formed in 2006. Named after a town in Alberta, Canada. All Ponoka’s albums were excellently received in leading Dutch media like De Volkskrant, NRC, OOR, 3VOOR12 and many others (see the Reviews page). In 2007 Ponoka was selected as ‘Serious Talent’ at leading rock station 3FM. Ponoka scored various hits on alternative radio station KINK FM, including first position in the KINK 40 with ‘Help is on the Way’.

Ponoka played in leading venues all over The Netherlands, including De Melkweg, Tivoli, Ekko, Hedon, Paard van Troje, and Club 3VOOR12. The song ‘Don’t Save Up for a Sunny Day’ was used as the leader for the popular TV show ‘Van Kavel tot Kasteel’ on RTL 4.


Check hun website www.ponokamusic.com

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